How to Avoid Water Damage for Your Construction Site

There is nothing more concerning to construction workers than watching dark storm clouds rolling across the skies, bringing with them threats of torrential downpours or extended periods of rain. While gardeners rejoice at the prospect of continued wet weather, those in the construction industry think of additional expenses and delays. How, then, can you plan ahead to limit the damage and delays from water inundating your worksite? Here are some tips.

Shore up the trenches

The most serious and inconvenient water damage on a construction site occurs when trenches are being dug and foundations laid. This can be dangerous as the water will weaken the sides of the trenches and increase the changes of cave-ins. You can take precautions against this by installing shoring systems. Visit for the range of shoring and protective products available.

Address drainage issues early

Do a bit of research on past floods and water levels at and near your construction site before you start work. If it appears the area is prone to regular rain events or heavy flooding, install additional or larger pipes for improved drainage. During construction, check your drainage systems regularly for breaks or blockages, and ensure equipment or waste isn’t left in areas that could divert water flows or block drainage points.

Cover the site where possible

Use tarpaulins or other covers as makeshift roofs during construction, especially at night and other times when no work is underway. Similarly, if possible, cover open trenches or holes to stop them filling with water when it rains. Consideration should also be given to installing temporary drainage or water courses around open ground until you are ready to fill in the area.

Don’t leave it too late to seal

A building under construction is at its most vulnerable before the roof goes on. It could be beneficial to seal any exposed walls and floors to protect them from the weather, even if they are internal and will be protected once the building is complete. This additional effort could be worth it in the long run if poor weather holds up work before external walls and roofing can be completed.

Swift clean-up is the key

If you have been unfortunate enough to experience water damage on your site, don’t rely on the sun to clean up. Move in swiftly to remove stagnant water and repair any damage. Excessive water left around trenches or in vehicle movement areas can be dangerous and costly. Cover any larger pools of water to stop vehicles and equipment getting bogged and to avoid spreading mud across the construction site. Ensure any internal areas are fully dried, otherwise mould could form. This is not only unhealthy, but can be hard and expensive to remove.

Water is an important aspect of life but problems will occur if we have too much. You can’t avoid rain on a construction site, but you can be proactive when taking the steps to ensure as little damage as possible is done, and that work can get underway again as soon as possible after the rains have gone.

A Glimpse to My Little Nook

This is actually my second rented pad in the Philippines. After living in “isolation” to a two-bedroom house that I felt was too big for me, I decided to move to a one-room apartment where I can have everything. The location was very convenient too as it was just a 5-minute walk from my workplace and Church.



My post about my Home Away from Home was only the beginning of my journey to “independence.” As I’ve often said, the Baby is Now a Lady :-)

Looking back now, I can only let out a chuckle. There were a lot of dramas to that. Lol! One Breaking News was when My Mom Finally Visited Me at my apartment. She did not approve of me moving out of the house and she remained stiff about setting foot in my new home. But after a while, she got the hang of it and our weekends were always looked forward to and filled with spending time together as a family.

Ah! Did I say I am missing home? :-)

Desperate Move to Trimming Down

Unknown to many, it was a struggle when I gained weight in 2012. It was a complete frustration when I thought I was doing all the right tricks I could muster to trimming down, yet I could see no visible results.

My routine was these:
1) Walking early in the morning (6-7am)
2) Going to the gym at noontime
3) Playing badminton for at least an hour at night
4) Completely on a strict diet

I felt utterly frustrated when after doing the above on a routinary basis for half a year, I got stuck to only 52 kilos. It means I’ve only lost 3 kilos. That couldn’t be! My normal weight is only 47kgs and gaining unwanted 8 kgs more totally freaked me out!

As if the things I have been doing weren’t enough, I decided to buy gym equipment that could fit into my small pad at the time.


Disco trimmer and dumbells

Disco trimmer and my trusty dumbells

Stationary bike

Stationary bike

Not cheap but was of huge help to me

Not cheap but was of huge help to me

I was like a woman possessed with my trimming-down efforts. Slaving up myself in the gym was never enough. I had to do it a couple of times more in the comfort of my own room.

Before I left the Philippines for Australia, I lost 2 more kilos and it was such an achievement. LOL! On my wedding day, I was back to 47 and there was no turning back for a couple of months after that.

It’s hard to keep up and maintain my ideal weight especially when life-changing issues is taking center stage. I gained two kilos just recently but I am not complaining. It is all for a very good cause :-)

The Visit to my BIL’s New House

We were invited out to my brother-in-law’s new house when the twins celebrated their 4th birthday. They had just transferred then from the old house so everything was still not in perfect order.

I will just share a few photos of the house. It was huge and a lot bigger than their old one.

The new house

The new house



It also showcased a swimming pool; they do not have this in their old house.



One of the twins was under the billiards table upon our arrival and like always, he wanted us to take a capture of himself. LOL!

IMG_2935 copy copy

The lounge area was massive. I wasn’t able to get a good photograph of it but the ceiling was too high. I so love the elegant curtains!



I was told this was one investment property they’ve been so wanting to have. Well, it’s one big investment and it’s gonna appreciate hugely in the next few years to come.

“Good Buy” Sale

It was indeed a “good buy” sale!

We were just doing our usual random weekend errands when we’ve chanced upon one linen shop. We were wondering why there were too many people inside of the shop until we finally saw one signage:


What a good way to attract prospective buyers! We were one of those! LOL!

I was very keen in buying some spare bed linens and it came in a very opportune moment!


My Prince was very supportive; he helped me choose the best linens for our “love bed.” He was the only torn amongst the many roses inside the shop! Hahaha! I only liked two sets as most of them were leftovers.

The women who were very quick to choose the best ones had a hard time carrying their “hoards” to the counter. My Prince volunteered to help one old Filipina in carrying all her chosen stuff while queuing up at the cashier. I was very proud of him for doing so!

We were too happy to have availed of the “good buy” sale and it is now serving its purpose in our new full bed very well and good.

The Annoying Squeaking Bed

So yes, we had finally gotten rid of our full bed when we had it officially sold. It is basically new with modern design.

The old full bed

The old full bed

However, it gave us so much discomfort. Just when we begin to drift off to slumberland, there comes a loud squeaking and creaking sound. I tell you, it was a nightmare sleeping on that bed! You can’t even roll over without hearing the stupid sound! The nasty clunking noise each time one moves was so annoying! So just imagine when two very happyyy newlyweds like us do more than just a tiny little move. Hahaha!

The stupid old full bed. LOL!

The stupid old full bed. LOL! We took photos of this prior to selling it off

I believe we had not been clever buyers when we purchased our very own first bed as a couple. We were only concerned of the mattress as I have been forewarned by a friend to get a firm or a medium one. We knew what we wanted for a bed and we were more focused on the color which should be a contrast to our white bedside table; so it had to be a black one.

Prior to my arrival in Sydney, my Prince began to hunt for a bed but he did not buy one until I finally got here. He deemed it best for us to shop around together so we could decide what we both liked before doing the purchase. He showed me the bed he liked and we mutually agreed on it without even sitting down or jumping up high on it to test its strength, durability, and comfort. We were just happy with the design and that’s it.

Little did we know that it will give us so much discomfort in the few short months of the bed’s ownership. We tried to locate the nasty sound and initially thought it was the uneven ground or just the spring that emits the stupid noise. Without even knowing the cause, we just decided to give up on it and get a new one.

When we started to go around to buy a new bed, we vowed that it’s gonna be squeak-free. LOL!

The bed I liked but ended up getting a different one

The bed I liked but ended up getting a different one

Beautiful bed but too posh to our liking

Beautiful bed but too posh to our liking

We were happy to have finally found one that’s perfect for us.

You can take a peak at Our Journey to Finding the Perfect Bed at the following posts:

Bed- Hunting Part 3

After searching high and low online and on-site for a new full-bed, we finally found one that’s very well suited to our budget needs.

It was kind of hard when you’re surrounded with all of those luxurious and comfortable beds. But then again, we have to consider our buying capacity without having to compromise the bed’s quality, strength, durability and comfort.

I must say this time, we were clever buyers. LOL! We had to jump up high and lie down on each and every bed that we liked to test its strength. We were crazy! Haha!

From four choices, we’ve had it finally trimmed down to two which made it way easier to come up with our final decision.

We only had to hang on to the salesman’s word on the two beds. He has been working in the furniture shop for 4 years and he had these to say:

  1. The first bed had been on the floor for 3 long years and he can definitely vouch for its quality. The bed is hot which sells 5 or more each week and thus far, he never got any customer coming back to him to complain on anything.
  2. The second bed was good enough yet he can’t strongly vouch for it as it’s only been on the floor for 6 months.


Initially, I was downhearted because I love the second bed as I previously wrote H E R E. Please take note that the second bed was a tad more expensive than the first bed. We can right away tell that the salesman was genuinely saying things not because he wanted to sell off a more expensive bed.



That being said, my Prince and I finally decided to purchase the first bed. We haven’t even thought of what style we wanted our room to look like. We only wanted a stronger bed! Hahaha!

Furnishing the room shall come later and that should be another story to share :-)

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My Quest for a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

After we got our new bed, then came my quest online and on-site for a reasonably priced mattress topper. It took me a couple of weeks to finally find a real good deal online.

Had it not been for my blogpal Ate Juliana of Juliana’s World, I wouldn’t have known comfort at its best when your bed is donned beautifully by a mattress topper. I was complaining endlessly about our bed that’s way too low for our nightstand. It was then that she gave out the suggestion of getting a Memory Foam mattress topper. I did not hesitate in doing my search right there and then.

I would have opted for a 10-cm topper; there’s a lot of them that’s cheaply priced. But when I compared the prices versus the good quality brands, it just does not make sense for paying so cheap yet the quality is not even guaranteed. And I was told by my mentor Ate Juliana, there’s heaps of bogus Memory Foams that shrink easily over time so I had to choose a moderately priced topper that’s only 5-cm thick.

5-cm thick it is!

5-cm thick it is!

The mattress topper that I chose to buy has got the following specifications:

  • Constructed from only the premium quality materials
  • Comfort enhancing dual layered memory foam design
  • Luxurious soft touch European styled quilted damask cover
  • Therapeutic pressure relieving high-tech memory foam support
  • Anti-stain protection
  • Quilted top layer in a luxurious non-slip soft-touch damask
  • Pressure relieving high-tech memory foam (VISCO)
  • Elastic corner strapping for minimal movement
  • 12 Months warranty
Memory Foam Mattress Topper (Photo grabbed)

Memory Foam Mattress Topper (Photo grabbed)

I was lucky I decided to stay home last Tuesday. The topper was delivered! It was unexpected as I only bought it on a Saturday. I am giving the shop an A+ for the quick delivery.

The much awaited mattress topper

The much awaited mattress topper

Nicely packed

Nicely packed

Nice case

Nice case

I was about to exclaim my disappointment when I noticed it was hardly even 3-cm thick! When I suddenly saw the piece of paper that’s stuck on the parcel. I ran quick to read the instructions that came with the purchase. It needs about 24-48 hours of airing to get back to its original form. I must have been so excited! LOL!

Patience Lainy, patience!

Patience Lainy, patience!

Anyhow, 24 hours was just right. If I had any regrets, it was when I opted for a less thicker topper. Nevertheless, it was still a good buy. It was of good quality and my Prince and I enjoyed it :-) It now gives us a good night sleep and undoubtedly comfort at its best!

Bed- Hunting Part 2

We officially began our hunt for a new bed some weeks ago. I initially skimmed through online. I was hopeful I could find something that we want that’s reasonably priced.

Unfortunately, I was not too lucky. Most that were showcased online were heftily priced and there were others that were shabbily put on a clearance sale.

We have to do what we must. We deemed it best to go around on-site one entire Saturday. While at it, we’ve seen a lot of beautiful bedroom suites. Most were so regal and grand, some were simple and others were just moderate in terms of both the style and price.

Of all the shops that we went to, we have considered buying one of these four (4) beds:



Bed #1 looks black in the photos but it definitely isn’t. When you take a closer look at it, it would still look black but it’s actually chocolate timber. It comes with a big drawer attached on the side of the bed.

Bed #2


My Prince found Bed #2 to be very appealing because of the lights attached to the headboard. He finds it too cool! To me it was fine. We would have opted for it had there been a full-sized bed available. They only got the queen size. We were all set to go for the queen but then we realized we were only after of the bed frame; opting for the queen-sized bed would mean changing the mattress altogether. We decided to be practical.

I personally was rooting for this queen-sized bed. The headboard was so appealing to me which included the drawers at the foot of the bed. Obviously, the extra drawers got me! 😉



Bed #4 was gorgeous! I love the color and the extra storage resting at the bedhead. The downside of it was it’s strength. It was a turn-down outright. They don’t have full-beds too!



There you have it, folks! Can you tell which one we chose? Make a wild guess 😉

Putting Together My Home/ Office Desk

I have mentioned that my quest for a home/ office desk is finally over.

Indeed it is!

However, it’s not a walk in the park to have it all assembled when my Prince and I only got the weekends to spare. We have got a lot of errands to do and other personal matters that demand our attention.

As a matter of fact, the mirrored shoe cabinet that I bought about 3 weeks ago has not been put together just yet.

My man tries to assemble my home/ office desk every night after he gets home from work. He is rather patient on this.

No, he is not too busy! Haha!

No, he is not too busy! Haha!

It entails patience and hardwork to finish up my home desk.

The cluttered materials on the floor.

The cluttered materials on the floor.

Hopefully by the weekend, everything is properly set up.

Patience Lainy, patience :-)